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A Gem Supply Offers Customer and Hands-on Service

A Gem Supply, a locally owned retail provider, offers customer and hands-on service. The owner started the company, selling wholesale electronics and retail parts, in 1961. Serving the Treasure Valley for 53 years, the business is now in the second and third generation. A modern company with an experienced staff, our focus on service makes us a quality provider. With projects all around the United States, success comes by word of mouth. A Gem Supply enjoys assisting people with gaining the correct electronics and seeks to continue customer service with person-to-person interaction. This business wants to promote itself to the community. Holding years of service, A Gem Supply offers a huge selection with vintage and quality products from our inventory, including cameras, antennae, audio equipment, electronic parts, televisions, CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables, electronic tools, electronic wires, batteries, satellites, semi-conductors, compositors, resistors, alarms and surveillance items.

Unsurpassed Electronic Products from a Wholesale Company

Our wide range of products is sure to satisfy. Try A Gem Supply the next time you need quality electronics. A Gem Supply is here to provide top-notch items. In need of a new battery, television or electronic wires, as a wholesale company, A Gem Supply has them ready. If you are a store and need these quality products, just count on A Gem Supply to get the job done. Our products and services are unsurpassed. A Gem Supply is a quality business providing above average electronics. When you want electronics that do not disappoint, contact A Gem Supply. Our business provides a long list of electronics, including alarms and surveillance to keep intruders out. Electronics are a part of our everyday lives and occupy a good portion of everyone’s time. Why not buy reliable ones? Get the best at A Gem Supply.

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